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Inspired by traditional recipes used by mothers and grandmothers, such as olive oil, honey and laurel, but also enriched with extracts, BIOSELECT’s organic shampoos and hair care products "awaken" the best nature of your hair.

Products with enchanting aromas, which incorporate the properties of natural ingredients and enhanced with the help of technology.

But what are these ingredients and how do they affect our hair?


Honey in BIOselect’s Shampoo for Dry Hair


Regardless of the discomfort and wear and tear that our hair have suffered, the moisturizing properties of honey will restore moisture, softness and vigor, and will repair the damage to the hair.


In particular, honey can prove to be extremely valuable for hair care, because it acts in the most natural and effective way by enhancing the roots and strengthening the hair, resulting in healthy and shiny hair


Olive Oil in BIOselect’s Natural Restructuring Hair Mask


It nourishes deep and makes the hair soft. Olive oil promotes healthy hair growth as well as scalp health.

Furthermore the polyphenols contained in the olive leaf extract provide significant protection against radiation and free radicals that damage the hair.

Almond in BIOselect’s Shampoo for dyed hair

Protects hair keratin and restores healthy appearance to dyed / damaged hair.


Aloe in BIOselect Natural Hair Conditioner gives the solution to dehydrated, dry hair that frizz up at the first opportunity.


Aloe is also ideal for proper hair care. It offers revitalization and glow, while making the hair smoother and easier to comb/brush.

Grape in BIOselect Shampoo for Oily Hair is known for its antioxidant properties. It stimulates circulation of the scalp, which stimulates growth while strengthening, moisturizing and making your hair shine.


Also, grape extract reduces sebum hypersecretion and protects hair.


Baobab Oil in the Natural Hair Elixir with Dictamelia is particularly nutritious. It restores and restructures dry and damaged hair that has lost its shine without weighing them down.

Its rich content of vitamins and fatty acids makes it a valuable ingredient for hair care products.

Laurel oil in the Hair Toning Shampoo with Dictamelia gives glow and healthy hair appearance. It is considered by many to be the natural hair elixir, which can provide an easy and quick solution to various problems we face.


Thanks to the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of laurel leaves and fruits, as well as to the miraculous properties of the olive oil it contains, lavender oil gives a shiny effect to the hair and strengthens them.

At the same time, it acts as a shield for protection against hair loss and split ends, protecting hair from root to tip!


When nature is a source of inspiration for beauty, hair care with natural ingredients is especially enjoyable and beneficial!


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