Do you neglect your hair in the summer?

In order for our hair to be beautiful, shiny and healthy they need good care and proper grooming. The sun, the air, the water of the sea and the pool are elements that usually punish and destroy the hair, altering its structure. Heat dries them, solar radiation and chlorine fade their colour, salty water dehydrates them and the air makes them rough. But with the necessary protection and the right products, there are ways to treat your hair and maintain your beautiful image.


With heat, sun and swimming, the hair becomes more vulnerable, loses its natural protection, weakens and dries, resulting in hair becoming dull and unruly and needing moisture.

Use shampoo for dry hair and prefer conditioner for deep hydration.

A nourishing hair mask after showering, two or three times a week will have even better result.


Allow the hair to dry naturally, avoiding hair dryers as much as possible!


Use sunscreen products not only for your body and face but also for your hair to keep them beautiful. Thanks to protection filters that a sunscreen product for the hair contains, damage is prevented, the natural defense of the hair is enhanced and the hair is protected from the sun's oxidizing effect.


Always wear a hat to protect your hair from the sun!


Salt causes dehydration, while chlorine causes damage to the hair. So it is best to rinse your hair right after going to the pool or the sea.


For more shine, rinse with lukewarm to cold water. Because, especially in the summer, our hair get more tired, we need to care for their grooming and to take care of them even more!

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