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Our lips sufferer greatly because they do not have the same physical protection as other parts of the face, so they may experience problems of dryness, dehydration and cracking.

But we can all prevent these problems and treat them with the use of some lip balm with natural ingredients.

Lines - Wrinkles

Over time, lines and thin wrinkles appear around the lips. It is best to take care of the lips and the area around them with a special moisturizing product that will keep them soft and will enhance their elasticity.

Dryness - dehydration

Changes in ambient temperature can dry the lips, which are then dehydrated.

It will help if you apply, morning and evening before sleeping, a moisturizing and protective balm.

If your lips are very sensitive, it is advisable to choose a product rich in oily ingredients (wax, oils, etc.).


If you do not treat and protect your lips in a timely manner, dryness and dehydration will cause their skin to crack.

Choose a highly moisturizing but also anaplastic lip balm for the evening.


Here you will find all the natural, certified organic lip balms of BIOselect!

Keep your lips gentle and hydrated with the appropriate herbal ingredients and always in a natural way! Which flavor will you choose?



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