Hey, I'm a big fan of your range!Vanessa *** Hello, In June I was in Corfu and bought natural lifting cream for face and neck. I'm so happy with this.Ina M. *** I appreciate very much the quality of your products.Manuela O. *** I live in Russia. Being in Crete tried cosmetics of Bioselect. Very much it was pleasant.Liudmila *** Dear Irini Tsompanaki! I am very pleased to communicate with You and work. Thank You very much.With Respect Svetlana *** Hi, I was in Greece 1 year ago and I bought the Olive Spa Regenerating facial massage oil, and I love it.Nina *** Hello! Love your cosmetics!Margarita *** Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ! Είναι όλα καταπληκτικά!Gouzel D. *** Last year I and my wife have been to Crete and tried your products. Their quality impressed us very much.Dmitry. *** I Was in Greece in June with my entire family, and we all bought and have tried your products, with great success. We Want to share the joy, that we have had with the Danish population.Lene M. *** I am from Melbourne, Australia, I have purchased the Olive Spa body relaxing massage oil and I love it.Lea T. *** Having used your sun and after sun lotions I was very impressed!Helen A. *** Your cosmetics are amazing!Irina *** Good afternoon! You have an amazing cosmetics.Tatyana S. *** I can't stay without your eye cream and Sun cream!Paola M. *** Dear Irini, thank you very much, the parcel arrived and I have used this morning your kind gift of Dictamo Balsam to my son, it is very useful, his skin was red and dehidrated and now he is fine! Thank you very much, efkarist?Paola. *** Hi dear Irini, Today the package you send me arrived. Thank you so much. I got an extra hand cream. :) I appreciate it very much. Thanks one more time for the supreme service you have given me. I will absolutely order from you again.Chersti S. *** I love your products!Anna *** Thank you very much for your natural products! :)Lesya *** HI! I was in Greece recently and was able to purchase some of your great products.Jeanne R. *** Thank you for your prompt response...I think this products are the BEST!!Raquel *** My name is Alla. More than 4 years of using your products and get enormous pleasure from it.Alla. *** My package has reached me safely. Thank you. Enjoy cooperating with you!Yelena Sh. *** Hello! I live in Russia and like your products very much.Evgenija *** Hi there! I recently just came back from Crete and took home a few of your products which turned out to be amazing.Tabitha *** In September my parents whilst on holiday in Afitos, Rethimno, decided to look in your store. They purchased the ointment for very dry skin as I suffer from eczema quite bad. The cream has done wonders for my skin. So I would like to thank you for your marvellous products. I would also like further information so I can order more of the ointment.Rachael T. *** Hello! a good friend brought back your massage oil for me - we both love it! I am enjoying the oil as a moisturizer after my showers too!Robin O. *** Hello, I was recently in Rethymno and discovered your brand. I got some samples and tried the Hair Toning Shampoo. Even though I have terribly hard water here back in Munich in Germany which makes my hair dry and frizzy like hay, the Hair Toning Shampoo made it very nice, soft, wavy and voluminous. Good product :)Sanja *** the face scrub of Yours is the best scrub I know of. Monica *** We have bought yours products while we were at Greece and find them great.Michael B. *** I am pregnant so I want to use only your product, that appreciate very much.Laura M. *** I really do enjoy your products and so do some of my friends and relatives.Elena S. *** I found out about your company. Really nice products, and I?ve recommended them to friends as well. Especially because they are organic.Sara P. *** Hi we have been in Greece, Crete. We like your cosmetics very much.Maria *** I bought your excellent products at Skiathos during vocation.Dragana R. *** Hello dear friends, Last summer I was in Greece and bought your great cream.Lilia. *** My wife enjoy Your cosmetics from natural olive oil.Serge *** I have bought the product "Soft Cleansing Milk". This product is nice…Thank you very much for your nice and good customer service..Isabella K. *** hello, I have bought your cosmetics in Greece not so long ago, like it very much.Evgenia *** I am completely happy with the hand cream whose arome reminds me on Crete's fragrance; and the only face scrub in the world that treats my skin perfectly (I've tried many of them, from the BodyShop to l'Occitane and from Nivea to Shiseido)! Thank you and the whole team for your work and your wonderful products!Xenia A. *** ειμαι πολυ ικανοποιημενη απο τα σαπουνακια σας.Μαριάννα Α.
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